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Seamless Yacht Crew Management

Managing a single yacht or a fleet? With Yachtcru everything happens with just few clicks – request, approval, alerts and reports.
No bureaucracy, no paper, no hours of admin.

Yacht Crew Access

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Crew Reports

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Crew Compliance

Monitor your Safe Manning document. Set your requirements and the system will track missing as well as expiring documents.


Now with just a few clicks you can view the history and future schedule for your crew’s training and familiarization

Hours of Rest

A simple but powerful tool for tracking hours worked, non compliances and related comments. Access from any desktop or mobile device.

Leave Management​

Be done with time-off requests in emails and on sticky notes. Handle requests and approvals digitally. Track everything through convenient calendars and reports


We have made it easy to create detailed reports on almost any data in the system with just a few clicks


Need a helping hand to get set up. We can onboard all your data for you.

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