Hours of Rest

Effortless Hours of Rest

Taking the pain out of logging hours of rest. This stand alone module enables crew and officers to rapidly log their hours from any device or location. The simple design means minimal set up, no download or training.

  • Enter times over multiple days
  • Preset templates for standard working days
  • Copy / Paste days or weeks for quick duplication
  • In page alerts immediately show non compliance
  • Sign Off locks the records from editing.
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Real Time Tracking

Officers can monitor the entire crew rest status from a single page. If a non compliance occurs both the crew member and the Officers are notified immediately. The comments section allows notification of corrective action.

  • View All crew from a single page
  • Filter by Department
  • Quickly see non compliant days
  • Add comments for corrective action

Audit Trail

Once crew members have signed off their hours and notified the authorised officer, it is a simple matter for the officer to countersign and reviewing any comments relating to nonconformities.

  • Digital signatures. 
  • Review the months comments 
  • Countersigned months are non-editable 
  • A Paper or Paperless audit trail

Records Keeping

At the end of the day all that matters is that compliant records are filled out, checked, signed and downloaded in good order.

  • Crew have access to their own records
  • Download all the records for a month with one button
  • Built to comply with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006

Set Up

The Hours of Rest Module can be used separately or in conjunction with our other modules.

  • Add a User 
  • Manage User access Levels 
  • New User receive a Welcome email 
  • Grant access to Shore side Management


Time to try it out

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