JF pivote

JF Recruiting has pivoted to Yachtcru.com

Yacht crew management software. With over 17 years experience in crew recruitment and management we have a unique view of the systems required to manage super yacht crew.

Seamless Yacht Management Software

Superyacht management software designed for single yachts or managed fleets. Looking for a simple solutions to difficult or repetitive tasks? Our team has over 20 years experience with managing yachts. We understand your needs.

Three great reasons to use Yachtcru:

1. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to real-time tracking.

2. Get up and running in minutes, no on-board servers required.

3. Stand Alone Modules. Only pay for the modules you need.

Crew Compliance

Monitor your Safe Manning document. Set your requirements and the system will track missing as well as expiring documents.

Hours of Rest

A simple but powerful tool for tracking hours worked, non compliances and related comments. Access from any desktop or mobile device.

Yacht Certificate Compliance

Know where you stand with your yachts certification. If you have a survey window opening we will let you know. If you are about to cruise into US waters, the system will tell you what you need.


We have made it easy to create detailed reports on almost any data in the system with just a few clicks

Time to try it out

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. Try it yourself—free for 30 days or buy it!