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Crew Compliance

Get visibility on all your crew’s certification in one place. Set your yachts Safe Manning Document requirements per position. The system will notify you 30 and 60 days prior to the expiry date as well as for any missing certificates. Our Issue tracking log ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Set your requirements by position
  • Reduce admin with Crew Self-Serve
  • Issue list ensures nothing gets missed

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Your Requirements
Hours of Rest

Hours of Rest

Effortlessly log hours over multiple days or from previously saved templates. Alerts ensure that Crew maintain their records and that Officers are notified of any non compliance or late entry. A rapid comments check and digital sign off, makes generating and printing the month reports a 5 min job. Built to comply with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

  • Enter data in seconds
  • Rapidly sign & download all monthly records
  • Works on any device, no installation.

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Training (Coming soon)

Ensure that all your crew are up to date with their familiarization and training. Set the required training tasks in the and any new joiner or returning crew member will be notified. The crew member completes the task  and the Issue automatically disappears. Need to have familiarization repeat no problem.

  • Creates a clear training path
  • Set tasks for All or indvidually
  •  Set tasks to repeat

Leave Management

Leave Management (Coming soon)

Simplify your leave management process. Yachtcru handles leave requests and approvals digitally, Enabling you to record and monitor all types of leave across your fleet, vacation, travel or sick days.

  • Designed for large yachts with rotational crew
  • Manages multiple leave types for single leave periods
  • Calculates current and projects future leave status.


Quick. Precise. Effective. Yachtcru’s reports make it easy to create detailed reports on almost any data in the system with just a few clicks. Goodbye compiling endless sheets, hello efficient data management Learn more


It starts with setup. Our data managers will take your crew data and spreadsheets, migrate them into the Yachtcru system and have you up and running in no time. Need on-going help with onboarding more crew? No problem!

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