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Crew Leave Tracking

Simple Leave Tracking

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and tedious approval processes. Our Leave Tracking software means you don’t need to be an Excel wizard, to know exactly who’s off, coming back or exactly how much leave they’ve accrued.

  • Click and drag to add a leave period
  • Available Leave Days  notification
  • Multiple leave types / Nil days

Share The Work

Plan the entire crew’s leave periods by your self or allow the Heads of Departments to manage their team. You can even allow crew to request leave ad hoc. Either way you can see the crews leave data in real time, and be able to adjust a leave period with a click.

  • Shared leave calendar
  • Allow crew to request leave or not
  • Delegate access to HOD by Department 

Put Down The Calculator

“How much Leave do I have?” If this is a question you frequently receive then Yachtcru Leave Tracking is for you. Crew can see their personal leave status, when their next leave period is and the calculations behind the figures. 

  • Leave Balance for All crew
  • Track flight types and costs
  • One-click termination balance calculation  

Record Keeping

All records are stored securely in our  enterprise level content management system. Need to look back to find out who did what, when? All actions related to leave calculations are logged with additional comments. 

  • All actions logged 
  • Multiple report types available
  • X-Crew records kept for 5 years

Set Up

Easy to set up and simple to maintain. This stand alone module is designed to require no training, making rotational handover painless.
  • Rapid set up
  • No training required
  • Set Crew Access Levels

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